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  • Buddadoo Project

    Location and Infrastructure

    The Buddadoo Project is (E59/1350) located about 450km north of Perth and 180 km east of the port at Geraldton in the mid-west of Western Australia (Fig 1). The tenement is serviced by a bitumen road between Morawa and Yalgoo and a network of station tracks. The area is 70km northeast a rail-siding at Morawa with the railway connecting to Perth and Geraldton and 40 km from a gas-pipeline at Yalgoo that services other mining projects in the Goldfields to the east.

    Geology and Prospectivity

    Regional Setting

    Buddadoo covers a section of the Archaean-age Gullewa Greenstone Belt, part of the regional-scale Salt Creek Shear Zone and some granitic and gneissic rocks (Fig 2). The Deflector gold-copper mine operated by Doray Minerals is located to the west of the tenement, while the Golden Grove copper-gold deposit is located about 40km to the east.

    Buddadoo Gabbro with Vanadiferous Titanomagnetite

    At Buddadoo in the southern part of the tenement, a gabbro within mafic volcanics contains coarse grained, sub-vertical bands of massive and disseminated vanadiferous titanomagnetite and the adjacent rocks report copper mineralisation. The outcropping bands of vanadiferous titanomagnetite are associated with a 350m wide 6km long high-order airborne magnetic anomaly. Historical processing of drill-samples from the eastern portion of the system for mass recovery and concentrate quality recovered titanomagnetite that reported V2O5 @ 1.7% and TiO2 @ 20%.

    Results from 10 recently completed RC holes to 200m deep are being used to further constrain the geology, whole-rock and trace-element geochemistry and provide sufficient sample for the determination of mass-yield and composition of the titanomagnetite in concentrate (Fig 3). The 10 holes all intersected intervals of mineralisation that subdivides into an eastern zone with high vanadium, a central zone of vanadium and titanium and a western titanium-rich zone. The longest downhole mineralised intercept of 188 m was reported in BUDRC027 (Fig 4).

    Buddadoo Area Additional Prospectivity for Vanadium and Copper

    In the area surrounding the Buddadoo Gabbro, gridded soil and rock-chip sampling are being used to map a wide selection of metal distributions. Vanadium, nickel and copper anomalies are associated with two secondary magnetic features to the east of the bands of vanadiferous titanomagnetite. At the southern end of the magnetic anomalies, the Samantha Gossan which overlies a historical drill-intersection containing massive sulphide has been relocated and sampled. The source of the copper and nickel anomalism in the soils is being examined using 18 RC holes on 3 cross-sections.

    Further to the south-west, additional work is required to delineate the source of copper mineralisation that outcrops sporadically in Copper Valley.

    Edamurta Base-metals and Gold

    In the northern part of the tenement, Edamurta is a prospect with anomalous zinc, copper and gold from soil and drill-samples. The setting has historically been interpreted as base-metal mineralisation associated with iron-formation at a transition from a felsic to mafic volcanics suggesting prospectivity for volcanic-hosted massive sulphide mineralisation. However, the recent identification of an intrusion of felsic-porphyry along with structurally-hosted copper and gold mineralisation opens the potential for new targets. Follow-up work is required.

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