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  • Buddadoo Iron-Ore Project


    The Buddadoo Project consists of a single granted Exploration Licences with an area of 200km2 which is known to host a gabbro with coarse-grained bands of magnetite mineralization.


    The tenement is located 200km east of the Port of Geraldton which exports iron-ore, copper concentrate and cereal-grains. The tenement is located about 60km from the Geraldton to Perth state-owned railway, serviced by a bitumen-surfaced road in the north and a network of station tracks.

    Geology and Prospectivity

    The Buddadoo tenement covers a section of the Gullewa Greenstone Belt and adjacent granites and granite-gneisses which are all of Archaean-age and prospective for gold and gold-copper mineralization. These rocks are also intruded by a gabbro in the Buddadoo Range which hosts magmatically crystallized bands of vanadiferous and titaniferous magnetite. Overlying part of the tenement are recent lake sediments which are a potential host for uranium mineralization.

    Exploration activities and planned work programmes.

    Since taking ownership of the Buddadoo Project, Coziron has completed a short field-programme of mapping and soil and rock-chip geochemistry over the Buddadoo Hills iron-ore prospect, and the Edamurta Hills and Copper Valley gold and base-metal prospects. Results from this field-work are being integrated with the available geophysical interpretations and drill targets are being generated.

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